One Simple Step to Remove OBJ WordPress in Titles

What is OBJ WordPress?

OBJ is not an emoji, but rather a Unicode replacement character. Often used on computers, Unicode translates letters and symbols into short lines of code, including emojis. This allows characters to be represented across devices, fonts, and applications without errors.

Despite Unicode covering thousands of characters, it still has gaps, especially when it comes to the frequently updated emoji keyboard. In cases where Unicode is unable to recognize an object, your phone or computer will return the object replacement character. The majority of devices use Unicode versions that are more recent. The problem is that some apps may not support characters added later if they are behind on updates. Alternatively, some software may not use Unicode at all, which will also result in the OBJ WordPress error on incompatible devices.

How to Remove the OBJ Box in the WordPress Title?

The purpose of this section is to explain how to remove the OBJ box at the end of the title. It is best to paste the text as plain text in this case.

If you want to remove the OBJ box from the end of the title, you can do either of the following:

    1. You can fix this problem by retyping the WordPress title after clearing everything – this is the only good solution since the character will be removed when you type it afresh.

    1. Using CTRL + SHIFT + V on a Windows computer or CMD + SHIFT + V on a Mac computer would be more efficient. The best way to ensure there are no Unicode characters in your title is to ensure you SELECT the title using the command CTRL+A in Windows.
    2. Once the title has been selected, paste it on Notepad since when text is pasted on Notepad, it loses all of its Unicode symbols. The [OBJ] will be removed from the title end in this case.
    3. Save your changes by clicking Update or Publish.

The process should result in the removal of invisible characters.

Paste the title into notepad, and the object will disappear, and you can copy and paste it back into the title if there is some type of code or emoji in Word that you might have unintentionally copied.

Reasons for OBJ WordPress Issues

There is no definite reason why the OBJ issue occurs in WordPress.

It can happen when you copy and paste text from a rich text editor like Microsoft Word.

Some might face this issue when they build their site on WordPress v5.9, while others might not face the issue.


You can easily remove OBJ from a WordPress title by doing this simple and easy process.

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