How to Embed Zoom Meeting and eRoom Plugins in WordPress

Socializing with others has become increasingly difficult in the current global context, especially due to the risks associated with Coronavirus. Our social lives as well as our professional lives are affected by this. Communication regarding job activities has become difficult, including group tasks, education sessions, and even day-to-day activities. In this situation, the entire world has turned to video conferencing services as an alternative.

A large number of companies and educational institutions have adopted Zoom’s free and paid services for a variety of purposes, and they embed Zoom Meeting in their WordPress sites. This makes scheduling meetings, webinars, and showcasing their products or services more convenient. This also might be the case for you as well. It is an essential service for managing your website’s services and shops, whether you run your blogs or manage your website’s services and shops. To help you embed Zoom with your WordPress site, we’re going to show you how today.

Let’s first take a look at Zoom and why your website should use it.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a popular app for online video calls. Its free nature and ease of setting up conference calls make it accessible to everyone. Furthermore, it can be used in a professional setting as well. It is very convenient for both hosts and participants to run business meetings and online classes using this service. You can hold meetings with up to 100 people, hold webinars, hold conference rooms, and interact with your users via interactive chats with tons of security options with Zoom. The feature of scheduling conference calls and the ability to record calls directly are also great.

Zoom has emerged as the most popular option to allow businesses and institutions to continue operating as usual in the midst of social distancing. Many organizations around the world use this service due to its professional setting ready design and secure options. The following are included:

    • The creation of regular online classes, collaborative sessions, and interactive chats for business meetings
    • Workplaces and meeting rooms with video capabilities
    • Systems for enterprise-level cloud telephony

  • A large number of webinars, as well as other events

Zoom and WordPress: Why Should You Embed Them?

The benefits of adding Zoom meetings to your website are numerous from a business or team management perspective. You can hold Zoom meetings directly from your website, for starters. The meeting details and links can be managed directly from a single page by your participants. By doing this, it becomes much easier to organize regular public meetings. Meetings do not need to be scheduled and participants are notified via email. All they need to do to prepare for your meetings is take a look at your website.

The convenience of managing it directly from your WordPress website is also a big plus. It is easy to set up your users’ lists, meetings passwords, and much more straight from the backend. Additionally, you can manage multiple meetings directly from your website backend without ever having to use Zoom. You can also invite your meeting participants directly from their browsers.

Embedding Zoom meetings in your WordPress site will allow you to host webinars, customer service calls, and calls to verify a user’s identity.

It’s easy to create a cohesive Zoom meeting experience for you and your entire business/team with a variety of amazing options. Video Conferencing with Zoom for WordPress supports all of these features.

Embed Zoom with Your WordPress Site

With the Video Conferencing with Zoom plugin, you can embed WordPress with Zoom video calls. The tool provides all the necessary features you need to set up Zoom conference calls right from your website. Zoom calls can be easily created from the backend using the add-on’s convenient shortcode. You can integrate Zoom calls into any page or post by simply adding the shortcode.

Backend dashboards are simple but packed with features that let you manage participants, start Zoom calls, and more. You can also join Zoom calls directly from your browser with the plugin, which is mobile-friendly. Zoom posts/pages can also be hidden from non-logged-in users and passwords can be set from the backend. Users can also enable countdown timers to see when the Zoom meeting will begin.

In addition to all of these features, Video Conferencing with Zoom is extremely easy to embed with your WordPress posts, pages, and users.

Here are a few of its highlights:

    • Mobile-friendly and completely responsive
    • An easy-to-use backend dashboard with full Zoom meeting management capabilities
    • API keys make setup easy

  • Shortcodes are supported
  • Contains features such as Zoom passwords, a user list, and options for hiding calls from non-logged-in users.

Now that we have discussed how this plugin can be installed and set up, let’s move on to how it can be used.

Zoom for WordPress Installation

Launch the WordPress Dashboard and go to the Plugins page to install Zoom for WordPress. On the Dashboard sidebar, hover over Plugins and click Add New. Then, search for Video Conferencing with Zoom in the search bar at the top.

Activate the plugin Video Conferencing with Zoom after clicking Install.

Click Zoom Meeting on your Dashboard sidebar to access the plugin’s interface. Your plugin should now be enabled.

WordPress and Zoom Integration: How Do I Set it up?

The first step in integrating Zoom with your WordPress website is to set up your plugin with Zoom’s API. You can do this by clicking the Zoom meeting icon in your Dashboard sidebar. You will be taken directly to the Settings page if you haven’t set up your plugin yet. By hovering over Zoom Meeting and pressing Settings, you can also access the Settings page.

The API key and the API secret key are required to start using Zoom on your website. In order to register for the keys, you must log into your Zoom account or sign up on the Zoom marketplace website.

Once that is done, click here. You can also go to this link by visiting the Zoom marketplace website, clicking Develop, and then selecting Build App.

Zoom API keys can be obtained by registering

Follow these steps carefully to receive your Zoom API keys:

  • Under the JWT app type, click Create.
    • The site will then ask you to name your App. For example, you can use the name of your website. Then click Create.

  • You will then be asked to fill out some basic information on the website. You will need to provide your name, email address, and the name of your company. Fill in all the information (and optional information if you wish) and click Continue.
  • You’ll now see your Zoom API keys. Save all of these keys somewhere handy since you’ll need to paste them back into your plugin settings. Once you’ve clicked Continue, you’re done.
    • By clicking Continue, you can choose not to opt-in to the event subscriptions feature.

  • You will now be notified that your app has been activated by the website. You can now enable your API.

Zoom’s website has a Manage section where you can check your app details. In case you lose your API keys, you will find your app details there.

You can check your API keys anytime by selecting your APP and then clicking App credentials.

Zoom Meetings settings: Enabling the API

Those keys need to be pasted on your website to complete the Zoom WordPress integration. Navigate to Zoom Meeting > Settings in your WordPress dashboard and paste your API keys there. Don’t forget to save your changes after you’re done.

You will see a pop-up telling you that your API connection is good when you click the Check API Connection button. That is if you carefully followed our instructions. There you have it, you have successfully integrated Zoom with WordPress and all of its conference management features.

Zoom for WordPress: How Does it Work?

Let’s take a look at how to use Zoom once you’ve connected it with WordPress so you can make the most of it.

From the backend, add a new Zoom meeting

Click Add Live Meetings under Zoom Meetings to start a live Zoom meeting. As you type the information for the meeting, you add the meeting topic, agenda, the meeting host, the start date and time, and so on. A meeting password and duration can also be set up.

At the bottom, click Create Meeting once all the information has been entered.

Under Zoom Meeting on the sidebar, click Live Meetings and then select the user using the drop-down button on the right. Below you will find a list of all your meetings.

Your Pages and Posts Can Display Live Meetings

Using shortcodes on your pages and posts will enable users to access Zoom meetings directly from your website.

Select the user/host from the Live Meetings section. Click on the shortcode provided to you on any of the Live meetings. You can copy the shortcode link to your clipboard with just a click. Alternatively, you can manually copy it.

This shortcode should then be inserted into the post or page you want. Paste the shortcode into the editor of the page or post where you want to add the meeting. You can also use the shortcode block.

Save it once you’re done. The Zoom meeting details and relevant links should be displayed on your website.

Last but not least, you can start any of these meetings by navigating back to your Dashboard and clicking Live Meetings under Zoom Meetings. When you’re ready, click Start Via App or Start Via Browser under the listed Meetings.

Zoom and WordPress can be connected in other ways

It’s okay if you don’t think the above method is for you. We will explore some alternative methods for integrating Zoom with WordPress here.

eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar

As remote work becomes more and more common, powerful tools are needed to ensure everything runs smoothly. You can have video conferences and online meetings with your team with ease using eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar.

You can manage Zoom meetings, schedule options, and users directly from your WordPress dashboard. You can also create webinars with up to 10,000 participants.

Virtual meetings, training sessions, online consultations, and conferences using eRoom are ideal for educational institutions, consulting firms, and remote businesses.


    • It is compatible with any WordPress theme
    • Zoom API compatible
    • Provides Zoom video conferencing capabilities

    • Shortcodes are available
    • Users can be added and managed
    • Reports on performance and engagement


The eRoom plugin is a freemium product. There is a free version with basic features and a premium plan starting at 19 USD.

eLearning Evolve’s Zoom WordPress Plugin

The Zoom WordPress plugin is another excellent plugin for integrating Zoom with WordPress. By using shortcodes, you can create Zoom meetings directly from your WordPress dashboard and conduct video calls on any page or post.

In the Zoom WordPress plugin, the Join via Zoom App button is added above the meeting window to enable attendees who have difficulty accessing the meeting via web to join. In addition, you can record meetings and make them available to teammates or users.

Also included with this plugin is the option to restrict access to the meeting to logged-in users.

Main features

    • Use shortcodes to display meetings on any page or post
    • Zoom API compatible

    • Integrates Zoom video calls directly into your WordPress site
    • The Join via Zoom App button has been added
    • Access can be restricted to logged-in users only

  • Reports on performance are included


There are different plans available for Zoom WordPress, starting at 69 USD per year.

Final thoughts

The Zoom video call integration with the WordPress tutorial is now complete. There’s so much more you can do with this amazing plugin than what we’ve shown you here!

Set up your users directly from the backend, plan and schedule future live meetings, embed Zoom meetings with WooCommerce, and much more.

Additionally, you can improve interactions with your team and business partners on your website to improve work efficiency. From your website, you can set up a Google Calendar with your scheduled Zoom meetings.

Zoom for WordPress provides you with an infinite number of options, so it’s now your turn to explore them. Feel free to use our comment section if you have any doubts. If you have experience using this plugin, please let us know. Please feel free to contact us at any time!